Markle Volunteer Fire Department has two fire stations. Our main station is located on Markle Road at the intersection of Joyce Avenue (formerly Beverly Street). This 4-bay station houses most of our equipment, including a Fire Engine (Engine 101-1), Tanker (Tanker 101), Service Truck (Service 101), and our Rescue ATV (ATV 101). This station includes our social hall that is available for rentals.

In 2004, in order to better serve those in our community, we expanded our facilities to include a new large 2-bay station at the intersection of White Cloud road and Phillips Lane. This new station is located approximately in the center of the township and has already cut our average response time to emergency calls in half. It currently houses two fire trucks, Engine 101-2 and Brush 101/IRP 120, as well as a fully equipped ambulance for EMS response. This station is manned 8 hours Monday-Friday by EMS personnel who are trained in firefighting and can respond as firefighters.

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