The above picture is a little dated, but still shows about half (yes, HALF!) of our firefighting equipment.

From left to right is:

Tanker 101 - This is a 1985 vehicle to carry large amounts of water (1600 gallon capacity) for areas without hydrant service or where hydrant supply is too limited for the amount of water needed. The tank/cover is a unique custom built unit made by the several members of the department.

Next is one of the units we are most proud of, Engine 101-1 - This 1999 engine boasts four-wheel-drive capability for getting into areas where off-road access is required. This engine carries 750 gallons of water.

In the middle is 'old Engine 101-1', a 1967/1976 hybrid unit. This unit was replaced several years ago by the above unit, and this unit became a spare engine. It has since been sold.

Second from the right is another unit we are proud of, Brush 101. Also four-wheel-drive, our 2002 Brush truck is used for fighting brush fires in the area. The front of the truck carries a series of nozles that are used to spray brush that has caught fire, and this unit carries 250 gallons of water.

The unit on the far right side is 'old Engine 101-2', a 1967 chassis / 1985 frame hybrid unit with 1000 gallon water capacity. This is now our spare engine, and is in fact available for sale. This is one of the two engines housed at our Phillips Lane station.

The other unit housed at Phillips Lane is our current 'Engine 101-2' (too new for this picture). This is our latest aquisition and replaces the above unit as our primary 'second engine' and as our primary engine for the central part of the township in our coverage area. This is the only engine that is not yet in 'our colors' (safety yellow/green), as we purchased this 1992 model used. (I say it is the official color of the sub-station) :-) 1000 gallons of water is carried on this unit.

Not shown is Squad 101 - a 1989 unit used to shuttle personnel and equipment to and from fire scenes.

Again not shown is our 1990 Plow/Dump Truck (no official name) used to clear snow from the department properties and haul gravel or any other supplies needed from time to time.

Another piece of equipment not shown is ATV 101 - a six-wheel-drive 2002 model year All Terrtain Vehicle that is used for a variety of purposes. We have several 'accessories' that are used depending on the need. There is a small tank and hose for getting into areas not accessible even by our four-wheel-drive vehicles. Another accessory is a backboard used to extricate those in need from wooded areas due to off-road motorcycle or ATV accidents, hunters trapped due to hunting accidents, falls, or other medical emergencies, shuttling air bottles to and from Air Trucks in order to maintain the ability to send firefighters into burning structures or hazmat situations as quickly as possible while doing so in a way that maintains THEIR safety. It is even used to shuttle firefighters in and out of wooded areas due to the weight of the equipment they must carry. Anything that helps save their strength for their primary task (fighting the fire) is worth the effort.

Last update 12-27-2005
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